Mumbai Linguistic Circle

(An outreach initiative of the Department of Linguistics, University of Mumbai)

Mumbai Linguistic Circle (MLC) is a forum for people who are curious about languages – all kinds of languages. MLC promotes writing about languages, which are present in our surroundings, from various perspectives, be it the structure of languages, functions of language, the processes of meaning creation etc. Writing about languages involves healthy debates around languages. MLC is a forum for such debates and discussions. MLC also organizes programmes which promote a positive attitude towards our immense linguistic diversity.

Nature of activities:

  • Discussion on pieces written by members of MLC.
  • Discussion on various issues concerning languages in India.
  • Public lectures by eminent academicians on issues concerning languages.
  • Various activities to celebrate the immense linguistic diversity of our planet.

The activities of MLC are held in three languages: English, Hindi & Marathi. The activities open to general audience are duly advertised. 

Membership of MLC

MLC offers annual membership to a select group of people depending upon the interest, background and training of the concerned individual. Membership is by invitation only.

Members are expected to:

  • Write on various issues concerning languages.
  • Present their writings before the members of MLC
  • Actively engage themselves in the various discussions, activities of MLC.

All activities of MLC are conducted in the Department of Linguistics, University of Mumbai unless otherwise advertised.

Email for contact:

Activities of MLC (2019-20)

A lecture series on “Ruminations on Language & Nationalism (with special focus on Maharashtra)” is being conducted every Saturday since 18th April, 2020 by Dr Avinash Pandey. It is expected to continue till the end of July, 2020. The lecture series looks into the changing nature of the multilingual situation in India in the last 2 thousand years, development of nationalism in India, the role of languages in this development and the effects these developments have on the makings of languages. Some of the topics covered so far include relationship of Sanskrit and Prakrits, Vernacularization of languages, the colonial experience in India and India’s response to it, emergence of nationalisms, role of education in the makings of languages etc. The lectures and following discussions are taking place on an online platform.

First Draught (a peer discussion forum of the MLC)

First Draught is a monthly discussion forum initiated by the Mumbai Linguistic Circle (MLC) of the Department of Linguistics, University of Mumbai. The First Draught forum represents a foray into the world of research in Linguistics and aims at developing comradery between its members.  It is a space for collaborative research where members present their research work and gain feedback from the peer members of the forum. The meetings of the First Draught will take place on the 3rd Wednesday of every month, subject to practical adjustments. If you are interested in this discussion forum, please fill in this membership-request form. You can participate in the meetings of the First Draught once you receive a membership confirmation email from us.

Co-ordinating Team:

  • Edna Vaz Fernandes
  • Juilee Samant
  • Renuka Ozarkar

If a member wants to de-register, they should intimate to us by writing an email to “”