Language in Education

The Department has sought to actively intervene in the area of language in education in line with its vision and commitment to the future of the lesser known languages. As part of this effort, faculty members interacted with school teachers, critically discussed policy documents concerned with the role of language in education etc.

The Department invited school teachers from various parts of the Maharashtra to participate in the National Seminar on “RTE and the future of our languages” hosted by the Department in collaboration with Dr. Rakhmabai Educational Research and Resource Center, Unique Foundation, Pune.

While this national seminar was conducted in English, the organizers of the Seminar made concerted efforts to publish the proceedings of the Seminar in Marathi in order to reach teachers and education activists in the State of Maharashtra. This involved an additional effort of translation, which was undertaken as part of our commitment. The book has been received well by various sections of society. The details of the publication are as follows:

Pandey, Avinash& Vinaya Malti Hari (eds.). 2018. बहुभाषिकता :गुणवत्तापूर्णशिक्षणाचापाया(Multiligualism: Foundation of quality education). Pune: Unique Academy. ISBN: 978-81-936051-3-4.

In continuation with the efforts of actively intervening in the domain of language in education, the faculty members of the Department interacted with school teachers through a 3-day Workshop on “Right to Education and Development of Languages”, for school teachers, organized by Dr. Rakhmabai Educational Research and Resource Center, Unique Foundation, Pune with SRT Marathwada University, Nanded at SRT Marathwada University, Nanded from 17th to 19th November, 2015.

Furthermore, the faculty members of the Department actively intervened in the ongoing process of policy development for the field of education, through active suggestions made to the government, papers published in the book mentioned above, published articles in various journals as well as talks.