MA Students

The batch of 2023-25

Adya Arun, Amanda Fernandes, Ananya Kashelikar, Arun Ahuzi, Avantik Zinta, Divya Kadav, Faisal, Manasee Kulkarni, Nikhil Mugal, Nivedya Suhas, Palakshi Sathe, Rishi Goswami, Sanidhya Sharma, Sanika Joag, Tanisha Dhareshwar and Tithi Desai make our hard-working batch of 23-25– the first batch of the newly revised curriculum. We call them guinea-pigs because the faculty members are all experimenting their new syllabus and new exam pattern on them! They are graduates from fields such as English, Sanskrit, Journalism, Psychology, History. They bring a wide range of linguistic data to the classroom discussion as they are native speakers of Braj, Bundeli, Gujarati, Hindi, Konkani, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam, Nepali, Pahadi, Tulu, Urdu. Currently they are studying in their 2nd Semester and they are busy completing Summer Internships at various companies, publishing houses and educational institutes.

The batch of 2022-24

This is our first batch that started in the post-Covid-19 normalcy. The students of this batch are graduates from fields such BA in English, Economics and Liberal Arts Media Studies, B.Sc in Hospitality and BE in Biotechnology, Computers. This batch consists of native speakers of Bangla, Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam, Punjabi, Tamil. Besides these students are also skilled in Chinese, French, German, Marwari, Italian, Japanese, Pali, Portuguese, Slovenian, Spanish. Clearly, this batch packs in it rich diversity! The students in this class include Akash Patil, Annapoorni, Anupoma Bandopadhyay, Ekadish Bal, Ketaki Pavagi, Neha Bele, Reshmi Jain and Vedanshi Joshi.

They collected data from Kodava language, spoken by the Kodava community in Coorge, Karnataka. They are currently studying in their 4th Semester of the programme. They are now just one examination away from getting the MA in Linguistics degree!

The batch of 2021-23 

The batch of 2021-23 started its journey of MA Linguistics in the Online mode while the Covid-19 Pandemic still reigned our planet. In their semester II, the classes resumed in the physical mode and they have been working, learning, laughing, arguing their way through classes and class-assignments. This batch collected data and analysed the various aspects of Multani language (aka Saraiki) spoken in Mumbai and Delhi. They conducted a Field Visit to Delhi led by Anusha, our PhD researcher, to interview several Multani speakers in Delhi.

This batch has graduates from a variety of streams such BA in English, Marathi, History, B.Sc in Physics, M.Sc in Mathematics, B.Com, BMM in Journalism, B.Tech in Electronics & Communication, LLB, and even PhD in English. The language pool of this class included languages such as Bangla, Hindi, Garhwali, Gujarati, Kadodi, Marathi, Punjabi, Odiya, Urdu, Wadvali. The students brought in all of these languages in their course-assignments and classroom discussions. Many of the students are also skilled in foreign languages such as French, German, Japanese, Mandarin and Spanish.

These super-enthusiastic students are Ashvini Satve, Ashwini Tondre, Chandrima Kayal, Gajanan Patkar, Jenis Rumao, Nidhi Masaliya, Niveditha Varma, Ranjana Parmar, Ritu Satya-Rekha, Sahil Patel, Saylee Patil, Shrutika Kolambakar, Soujanya Patro, Spandan Pattnaik and Tejaswee Patil. They are now journeying ahead. We have updates from some of them: Spandan is now working as a researcher on endangered languages project, Sahil has been accepted for PhD programme in the Ohio State University USA, Ritu is working with PARI, Niveditha secured UGC-NET with JRF in Linguistics.