PhD Research

Ongoing PhD research in the Department:

No Name of the researcher Title of the Dissertation Supervisor Qualification/Scholarship
1.Anusha RamasubramoneyMultani (Saraiki) in India: A Linguistic InquiryDr Renuka OzarkarMA, NET (Linguistics)
2.Edna Vaz FernandesExpressions of Space in Konkani : A Cognitive-Semantic AnalysisDr Avinash PandeyMA, NET-JRF (Linguistics)
3.Niranjan TambeA Study of Personal Pronouns in MarathiDr Renuka OzarkarMA, NET (Linguistics)
4.Pradnya SawantModelling A Standard Marathi LanguageDr Avinash PandeyMA, NET (Linguistics)
5.Priyakhi KhanikarAspect in AssameseDr Renuka OzarkarMA, M.Phil, NET (Linguistics), NFOBC grant
6.Purva PatankarExpressions of Modality in MarathiDr Avinash PandeyMA, NET (Linguistics)