Research in the past

Research projects completed in the Department :

  1. Lexicalization patterns in Gormati (Banjara language) UGC Minor Research Project 2018-19
  2. Verbal morphology of Gorboli (Banjara language) UGC Minor Research Project 2018-19
  3. A comparative study of case systems of Zhadiboli and Marathi UGC Minor Research Project 2018-19
  4. “Development of pronunciation lexicon and associated experimental study of phonemic, phonetic and acoustic features for Indic languages (Marathi)”: a two year project funded by DIT, New Delhi. Collaboration with TIFR, Mumbai  (2012-2015).
  5. “Orality in the Structuralist Philosophy of Language” – a two year project funded by ICPR, New Delhi (2011-13)
  6. “Linguistic Landscape of Vasai” – a UGC funded minor research project (2011-12) on a relatively less researched area of linguistic landscape and multilingualism.

M.Phil and Ph.D. research in the past years:

            Ph.D. degrees awarded in the recent years     

Year of awarding degreeName of the studentTitle of the dissertation
2017 Ms. Shaima Al-Issa Literary Narratives, Culture and Ideology :
A Semiolinguistic Study of
OrhanPamuk’s Fictional Discourse
2015Ms. Renuka OzarkarStructures of Marathi Verbs
2012 Ms. Anjali SinghEnglish in India and Japan
2012Mr. Mohammad B. Aghaei A Semiotic Analysis of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Novels
2010Mr. Rajeev Jalvi Hearing Impairment &
Linguistic Development : Issues and Perspectives

 M.Phil. degrees awarded in the recent past
The Department started M.Phil programme in 2012-13. As per the new regulations of the UGC, the M.Phil programme is discontinued w.e.f. 2022-23. During these years, 3 students have been conferred the M.Phil degree.    
Year of awarding degreeName of the student Title of the dissertation
2021Ms. Priyanka DingankarMeasure of Textual Lexical Diversity (MTLD) Tool for Marathi*
2014Ms. Manasi NadkarniPhonological & Morphological Patterns in Antruzi, Bardesi, & Saxti Konkani: A Comparative Study
2014Ms. Vrushali SurveStylist Analysis of Jhumpa Lahiri’s “The Lowland”

*The link and the documentation of the Marathi MTLD tool can be found under “Resources”.

MA research in the past : 

Languages analysed in the Department 

As part of the Field Methods course and Project-based courses in the MA programme, the students of the Department collect the data and analyse aspects of some language which is not adequately analyzed previously. It is often some minority language or a tribal language. They present a dissertation based on their analysis of the language. Some of the languages worked upon in recent year are:

Language Family Languages 
Indo-Aryan Banjara (Lamani/Gorboli)
  Bhili – Mawchi varieties (Indo-Aryan)
  Multani (Saraiki)
(a secret language of Davri Gosawi community)
Sino-Tibetan Mizo
  Tanghkhul Naga
Dravidian Telugu
Austro-Asiatic Khasi