Special Lectures

2024-25: “Number, Animacy, and Optional Plurality” by Prof. Veneeta Dayal, Yale University, USA 17th July
2022-23: Special lecture series on Language Acquisition and Brain-Language Interaction by Priyakhi Khanikar 3rd – 4th May
  “The Bridge Dharma of a translator” by Mr Jerry Pinto 2nd March
  A special lecture on Semiotics by Dr Biswamohan Pradhan 19th November
2019-20 : A special lecture-cum-workshop on “(In)definiteness” by Prof. Veneeta Dayal 8th January
  A special lecture on “Nominalization” by Prof. Shibatani 24th December
  A special lecture series on “Mixed Languages” by Dr. Peggy Mohan 26th – 31st August
2017-18: A special series of two lectures on “Philosophy of Language” by Prof.PradeepGokhale, Central University of Tibetan Studies, Sarnath. 25th September
2016-17: Special Lecture on “Advances in Substantivist Linguistics” by Prof.ProbalDasgupta, ISI Kolkata. 20th March
  A special lecture series on “Diachronic Semantics and Indo-Aryan Diachrony”, by Dr.AshwiniDeo, The Ohio State University, USA. 2nd-4th February
2015-16: A special lecture series on “Tasks before Linguistics” by Prof.ProbalDasgupta, ISI, Kolkata.   3rd-5th February
2013-14: A special lecture series on “Negating”, “Linguistic Negations” & “The Problem of Existential Import” by Prof.FabianSchang.   24th-25th February
2012-13: A special lecture series on “Bhartrhari’s Philosophy of Language” by Prof.KapilKapoor 11th-12th March
  A special lecture on “Indian Language and Split Lexis” by Prof.ProbalDasgupta, ISI Kolkata 5th February