PhD Researchers

Anusha Ramasubramoney

I am a research student in the Department of Linguistics, University of Mumbai. I am currently working on a sociolinguistic and descriptive analysis of Multani as spoken in Mumbai. I am also interested in the areas of prosody and language documentation. In alternate worlds I am also a musician, language teacher, events wrangler and all-round lover of learning.

Edna Vaz

Hi! I am Edna. I am in the fourth year of my PhD at the Department. My research area focuses on the Cognition of Space in Konkani from a Cognitive-Semantic perspective. Besides Cognitive Linguistics, my research interests lie in Pragmatics, Language Teaching & Learning, (Konkani) Creative Literature and Language Use, and NLP & Konkani language. Having said that, I am always eager to learn & contribute in the best of my ability to any aspect of my mother-tongue that needs attention.

My “other than linguistics” world is also mainly about language- I love to word my feelings mainly into poems and creative essays and listening to music and rhythmical words.
Niranjan (निरंजन)

My areas of interest in linguistics are theoretical syntax, morphology and typology. I am currently working on third person pronouns of Marathi. I am a free (as in freedom) software activist. You can access all of my software on this link. My research falls under the paradigm of reproducible research and the source code of all the software used during my research will be released under GPLv3+ on this repository. Apart from work, I enjoy music, philosophy, literature and food.

भाषाविज्ञानातील सैद्धांतिक वाक्यविचार, शब्दांगविज्ञान व भाषाप्रभेदविचार ह्या शाखांमध्ये मला रुची आहे. मराठीतील तृतीय पुरुषी सर्वनामांवर मी सध्या काम करत आहे. भाषाविज्ञानाव्यतिरिक्त मी मुक्त आज्ञावलांच्या वापर व प्रसाराबाबत आग्रही आहे. माझे सर्व आज्ञावलिविषयक काम ह्या दुव्यावर पाहता येऊ शकते. कामाखेरीज मला संगीत, तत्त्वज्ञान, साहित्य व खाऊ-पिऊ ह्या गोष्टी प्रिय आहेत.
Pradnya Sawant

A research scholar in the department of linguistics. I am working on Standardization of Marathi. My areas of interest are Morphology, Pragmatics and Sociolinguistics. I love watching movies, series and relate them with real-life situations. In simple words I'm a filmy person!
Priyakhi Khanikar

Hi, I am Priyakhi, a second year PhD. student of Linguistics, University of Mumbai. My research area focuses on the Aspect System in Assamese, my native language. My research interests are but not limited to Semantics, Language Acquisition and Morphology. I am curious about everything that concerns language.

Outside Linguistics, I am a dedicated gardener, a connoisseur of music and I consider myself a good cook because I haven't burnt anything yet!

Purva Patankar

Hi! I am Purva Patankar, a research student at the Department of Linguistics, University of Mumbai. My primary interests lie in Semantics, Pragmatics and Sociolinguistics. I am also learning Japanese language and its culture. Apart from Linguistics, I like to read, paint and cook.