2022-23:A Palate for Attentive Reading and Writing
Guest Faculty : Prof Anannya Dasgupta and her team at CWP, Krea University
23rd – 24th March, 2023
An Introduction to the works of Zellig Harris (Transformational-Operator Grammar) : Prof. Jorge Baptista, University of Algarve, Portugal16th – 20th January, 2023
2019-20 :Acoustic Phonetics for Indian Languages.
Guest faculty: Dr Priyankoo Sarmah (IIT-Guwahati)
26th February – 1st March, 2020
Agreement in Indian Languages
Guest faculty: Dr Pritha Chandra (IIT-Delhi)
17th – 21st February, 2020
Guest faculty: Prof Veneeta Dayal (Yale University, USA)
8th January, 2020
What is Nominalization: toward theoretical foundations of nominalization
Guest faculty: Prof Masayoshi Shibatani (Rice University, USA)
24th December, 2019
Winter School in Scientific Theory Construction though Language Structure (by K.P. & Tara Mohanan, Vigneshwar R.)11th – 20th November, 2019
An innovative workshop on “Reading, Dyslexia and Brain” for school teacher, educators and language researchers (organized with Unnati Sanstha)31st October – 2nd November, 2019
A workshop on “Basics of LaTeX for Linguists” by Mr. Niranjan Tambe26th- 28th August, 2019
2018-19 : An innovative workshop on “Language in Schools” for school teachers, educators and language researchers. (organized with Unnati Sanstha)   31st May – 4th of June, 2019
  2017-18 : A workshop on Basic Computational Linguistics Guest faculty: Dr. Sanjukta Ghosh &Dr. Anil Thakur (IIT-BHU) 17th – 21st December, 2018
  A workshop in Experiment Design & Analysis in Linguistics Guest faculty: Dr. Samar Husain &Dr. Ashwini Vaidya (IIT Delhi) 10th – 14th December, 2018  
2016-17: A special lecture series on Diachronic Semantics and Indo-Aryan Diachrony”, by Dr. Ashwini Deo, The Ohio State University, USA. 2nd– 4th February
2015-16 : Workshop course on “Acoustic Phonetics of Indian Languages”, by Dr.Indranil Dutta, EFL-U, Hyderabad.   29th February – 4th March
    Course on “Quantitative Research Methods in Linguistics” by Dr.Tarun Menon, TISS-Mumbai. January-February
2014-15 : Workshop on the “Phonology of Indian Languages” by Dr.ParomaSanyal, IIT-Delhi. 5th-14th February
    Course on “Graph Theory” starting in June (20 lectures). Throughout the year
    A workshop on “Phonology” by Prof. K.P.Mohanan 4th-5th March